Get In Her Mind, Get inside her You found her!the girl you wish to spend the others of the life with.W

Get In Her Mind, Get inside her You found her!the girl you wish to spend the others of the life with.W

Date Your Closest Friend

You found her!the lady you intend to invest your whole life with.When she is that she wishes she could find a guy out there just like you, but you just can’t bring yourself to ask her outThere is only one solution to your problem, you have to move on.It’s the only way you can save yourself, and have any possibility of dating this girl around you hear the birds sing, see the flowers bloom, and you walk around all day on cloud nine, the slightest hint of her perfume is enough to make your knees weak.You sir, are in love.Your life is perfect, except for one little thing, this girl is not your girlfriend, but just a friend, maybe even your so called best friend.You have been there for her countless times, through the break ups, the drunken nights, and family problems.She has even told you.

I am aware just just what you’re thinking.If you date other girls then chances are you won’t show your commitment to your buddy and she may lose respect for you.Or if she becomes available once again, you may lose your possibility.If this seems like your tale then you definitely are becoming a target of oneitits.Oneitis is the illness of men everywhere.To become so infatuated with one girl that you add your lifetime on hold for her.To call it quits the quest for other ladies in purchase to devote all of your time and focus on that one.Don’t get me incorrect, our ultimate objective is to look for the girl of our ambitions.Oneitis hits its unsightly head, as soon as we give everything up so we don’t end the woman. upWhen all our commitment is squandered chasing a fantasy so we wind up with nothing.But this guide is approximately having the woman, and I also have actually the master plan to truly get you what you would like.

You now may be thinking, well then she will see you as non threatening and an overall nice guy, but not a man worth dating.A wrong first impression is very difficult to shake.Difficult but not impossible if i just use the basic strategy she should be mine right?Wrong!If we had used the basic strategy from day one of meeting this girl, yes we would have her.But because of your past actions we now have months and years of a pre existing relationship that needs to be tore down before we can start.From the moment we meet someone first impressions are made.If we come off flirty and fun the first time you meet, every meeting after that she will expect you to flirt with her.If we are serious, friendly, and respectful, like an older brother.

To really know very well what we are against, we must know the distinction between your brain of a guy and a woman.A man constantly thinks about intercourse, where as a lady views relationship and commitment. regardless of what type of relationship a guy believes he has got with a lady, on it, such as a night of heavy drinking, and she came onto him, no man would ever turn it down.A woman is the complete opposite.She really does believe the two of you are really just good friends.That you truly do care about her and her happiness in life.If you never show any interest then she won’t have any reason to think you want anything more then a friendship.When you finally come around and make your move it is too late.Any attempt for a relationship is gone.She will think you are acting strange when you start behaving in ways that are not normal with her pre conceived notions of you whether he thinks its platonic or not, at least one time in the course of their friendship he will thought about her naked.What it would be like to roll around the sheets with her in one night of passionate lovemaking.If he were even given the opportunity to act.

Now that people know very well what we are up against we now have three choices presented before us:

1.Do nothing and hope she confesses her love for your needs.

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